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dscn2383 watercolour-detail hannah-and-aidan

For the past few weeks I’ve been sourcing, adapting and embellishing children’s dressing up costumes for a forthcoming exhibition at Gallery Oldham. ‘Watercolours from the Lees Collection’ features some of the Gallery’s most treasured artworks and runs from 19th Nov 2016 to 15th April 2017.



Fri 14th Oct would have been Ahmed Iqbal Ullah’s 44th birthday. The Legacy project marked the occasion by launching a commemorative exhibition at Manchester Central Library.  In spite of restrictions that meant we couldn’t mark the walls in the Library’s Performance Space, so had to come up with inventive ways to mount and dismantle exhibition material in just one day, we got there! Displays for the event included window panels, banners, cases of archive material, text panels and a book. Around 120 guests attended the event, with speeches delivered by Councillor Lufther Rahman, Selina Ullah and Professor Lou Kushnick.

A smaller display continues in the Lower Ground floor community exhibition space until Jan 2017. To find out more about the Legacy project and The Ahmed Iqbal Education Trust click here.

CommunityShowcase2016-4We’ve had an interesting week, with lots of events taking place at the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre as part of the Manchester Histories Festival. Look out for our stall at the Town Hall this Saturday…

plotting a grid of 179  pressing the seams

The images above show the coverlet that I’m producing for Imperial War Museum North, to commemorate the beginning of the First World War. On the left is the face (complete with stickers indicating a grid pattern) and on the right the reverse of a patched section. The interlocking shapes are crosses – inspired by designs for Red Cross quilts of the period, made and auctioned to raise funds for the wounded. I’ve been sewing them together by hand, which is a painstaking process. Thank goodness for re-runs of Cagney & Lacey, which keep me going, mid-afternoon!

The overall coverlet design is inspired by RE Farm Cemetery in Belgium, where my great granddad died and is buried. My family discovered the grave a few years ago, re-igniting an interest in the Great War and its ramifications from a personal perspective.

Keep posted for further developments…








Another chance to see my paper quilts Cu*ts and Security Blanket, alongsideworks by Banksy, Gillian Wearing and Joseph Beuys. This spring at the People’s History Museum from 20th April – 30th June 2013.

the presence of absence will be on display at Smiths Row in Bury St Edmonds from 12th May to 30th June 2012. ‘Powerhouse’ is an exhibition exploring notions of endurance, skill, discipline and flexibility and also features work by Rose English, Paul Wood and John Harrison.

for more images and information click here

I recently made security blanket (a patchwork of quilted bank notes) for this forthcoming exhibition. Cash makes life easier but is not my primary motivation. I’ve never owned a fifty pound note, so the idea of cutting one up to explore its formal qualities seemed delightfully subversive. The resulting pattern distorts familiar iconography, inviting the viewer to question the value of both art and money.

On Bread Alone explores the value of art in a recession and runs from 19th April – 17th June 2012 at Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester.