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The Legacy of Ahmed project that I’ve been managing for the last 18 months has just been awarded ‘runner up’ in the Manchester BME Network awards, heritage category. Partners of the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust, MRSN came first. Partners, Ananna also scooped first prize in the Arts section, so a brilliant night all round!



On Saturday, I facilitated a workshop to engage young people from the Manchester Bangladeshi Women’s Organisation with the Legacy of Ahmed project. After a look at some posters from the Race Relations Resource Centre archive and an interesting discussion about their own experiences of racism participants produced some amazing posters. Thanks to staff at Longsight Library and to artists Jo Ford and Natalie Linney for leading the screen printing class. Thanks too to Archives+ for funding the activity.

I learnt about Ahmed and the courageous initiatives of his family. It made me think how we ‘evolved’ today and that we should always make others aware of racism. Teenage participant

The best day of my life!  Amelia, age 5


Fri 14th Oct would have been Ahmed Iqbal Ullah’s 44th birthday. The Legacy project marked the occasion by launching a commemorative exhibition at Manchester Central Library.  In spite of restrictions that meant we couldn’t mark the walls in the Library’s Performance Space, so had to come up with inventive ways to mount and dismantle exhibition material in just one day, we got there! Displays for the event included window panels, banners, cases of archive material, text panels and a book. Around 120 guests attended the event, with speeches delivered by Councillor Lufther Rahman, Selina Ullah and Professor Lou Kushnick.

A smaller display continues in the Lower Ground floor community exhibition space until Jan 2017. To find out more about the Legacy project and The Ahmed Iqbal Education Trust click here.

In September I was appointed manager of a further project at the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Education Trust. The aim is to reflect on the legacy of Ahmed’s death, 30 years after he was killed in a racist attack in a local school playground.  I’ve already gathered a number of oral history interviews and am also working closely with The Bangladeshi Women’s Association (Ananna) in Longsight, to document the development of this community over the same period. Click here to find out more.

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This week we began sorting and collating Ananna’s archive. We made a good start tidying the archive room, sifting through 26 years of collected ephemera (as you can see from these ‘before’ and ‘after pictures) though we haven’t even opened the filing cabinets yet! Rubber gloves and dust masks to the ready. I think it’s going to be a long haul…