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I would like young people to have the same opportunities that I did and have the chance to go to art school if they choose.



On Saturday, I facilitated a workshop to engage young people from the Manchester Bangladeshi Women’s Organisation with the Legacy of Ahmed project. After a look at some posters from the Race Relations Resource Centre archive and an interesting discussion about their own experiences of racism participants produced some amazing posters. Thanks to staff at Longsight Library and to artists Jo Ford and Natalie Linney for leading the screen printing class. Thanks too to Archives+ for funding the activity.

I learnt about Ahmed and the courageous initiatives of his family. It made me think how we ‘evolved’ today and that we should always make others aware of racism. Teenage participant

The best day of my life!  Amelia, age 5

jennie and alice protestDSCN1965

Today I initiated my daughter Alice into the art of protest…for secure, fairly-paid jobs, for our treasured public services, for open access to the arts, for properly funded hospitals, for refugees fleeing persecution and for an end to Trident. My home city, of which I’m so proud, is no place to hold the Tory Party Conference.